Evolving Customer Trends in the UAE Automotive industry in 2024

The automotive landscape in the UAE is undergoing a rapid transformation, with customer preferences shifting towards alternative options. To thrive in this evolving market, dealerships must adapt their offerings to align with current trends. Here are five noteworthy customer trends reshaping the UAE automotive industry in 2024:


  1. Embrace of Electric Vehicles (EVs): The surge in environmental awareness and a global commitment to sustainability have propelled electric vehicles into the spotlight in the UAE. With governments, including that of the UAE, advocating for stricter emission regulations and providing incentives, consumers are increasingly opting for electric cars. Dealerships must proactively integrate EVs into their inventory to ensure long-term success in a market that may witness a predominant shift toward electric mobility.
  2. Elevated Emphasis on Safety Features: Safety has become a paramount concern for motorists in the UAE, particularly in the context of persisting road-related fatalities. In response to consumer demand, car manufacturers are prioritizing the integration of advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. Dealerships should stay abreast of these developments and prioritize offering vehicles with the latest safety technologies to attract safety-conscious buyers.
  3. Rising Demand for Connectivity Features: The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped consumer behavior, with an increased focus on remote work and digital lifestyles. Consequently, car buyers in the UAE are gravitating towards vehicles that offer enhanced connectivity. Dealerships should cater to this demand by providing cars equipped with in-car infotainment systems, seamless smartphone integration, and advanced telematics.
  4. Preference for Customization: In contrast to the traditional model of selecting from available inventory, customers in 2023 seek personalized options that align with their unique preferences. Buyers are now inclined to choose vehicles that reflect their individual choices in terms of color, interior features, rims, power, and technology. Dealerships can enhance their success by actively sourcing and offering customized vehicles that cater to each buyer’s distinct personality and desires.
  5. SUVs and Prestige Cars Maintain Popularity: Despite the electric vehicle surge, SUVs and prestige cars continue to be in high demand in the UAE. The versatility, prestige, social status, and ample cargo space offered by SUVs and luxury cars remain appealing to consumers. Recognizing this, dealerships should continue to prioritize these popular vehicle categories, understanding that certain features of electric vehicles may not yet match those of traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.


In conclusion, the UAE automotive industry is in a state of continuous evolution, and customer preferences will continue to shape the market in the years ahead. By staying attuned to these five trends, dealerships can position themselves for success in a dynamic and ever-changing automotive landscape. To get more information on the automotive industry read our blogs.