Essentials you must always have in your car

Essentials you must always have in your car

The holidays are here and there is no question you’ve already planned successful and exciting road trips across the Arab states, but can these trips really be “successful”  without the genuine supplies in your car? It is not likely, but a possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. With the right supplies you could escape the terrifying nightmare or better yet never get stuck in one.

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These things will definitely help you on your road trip.



Let’s say you’re travelling on an uneven terrain, flatting a tyre is expected and keeping a spare viable tyre and jack at all times makes it child’s play. A spare tyre itself isn’t enough either, you should know how to remove and replace one in case of puncture.



Ignoring the heat of the GCC would be luring one’s self into a trap. As we all know, the heat of the Arab states can be intensifying. Due to the extreme heat, the motors of our cars as well as collision can cause a fire. A mini fire extinguisher with you in the car at all times is a MUST and avoids any damage.



You may need to stop at the side for several reasons and a hazard triangle is an indication to the other drivers that you have stopped. It is important not to create an unusual ambience around you. 

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Being stranded is bad but getting isolated at night in pitch darkness with nothing can be worse.  Make sure you always pack a strong flashlight with loads of batteries to aid and help you.



A dead car battery is certainly something you want to avoid on your trip. Journey on the desert regions mean boosting your batteries once in a while.  To carry a pair of jumper cables and knowing how to use them is mandatory. With one you don’t need to worry.



Your car isn’t the only thing that needs care; spending time on the road makes your body deliberately asking for energy, especially for the driver.  Knowing that, you need food supplies to get you going.  Some high-energy food items should be enough as they have less chances of grabbing a good supply of fluids. You don’t want starve getting between your fun, do you?

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A first-aid kit is just as important as drinking water. If you receive any injuries through an accident (God Forbid) the kit will help reduce the bleeding while you reach to a hospital nearby.



Holidays, why not go somewhere new? Visiting unknown locations and you know how important it is to bring a map with you. If you have a phone connected to 3G or 4G, another good replacement could be Google maps. 



Flatting a tyre is common on the road and in a situation with no spare tyre; you need some puncture sealant. It could help you get to a service station and get your tyre replaced.



Many things can go wrong with a car and it is possible we don’t know all of them, which is precisely why car manuals are written. Keep a copy of the car owner’s manual in your car for convenience.



Spending the night in the car can get pretty cool even in some parts of the Middle East. Carrying some blankets and clothes is smart as it keeps you warm while you wait. Although, it is rare considering the GCC weather, better be safe than sorry.



Running out of battery and ending up with a dead phone is quite typical.  Smart phones in particular, drain the battery quicker than a traditional phone. Keep a power bank and an extra phone (fully charged and switched off) for back up.