DIY tips for quick fixes on your car

car repair

Undertaking regular routine tasks can go a long way in prolonging the life of your car. It reduces wear and tear and helps you avoid major breakdowns that can be costly. Some tasks like changing oil, filters, spark plugs and readjusting timing belts are simple though they may require some equipment.

You can create a schedule and breakdown DIY tasks into tasks to be undertaken on a weekly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis.

Weekly tasks may involve a visual inspection of the tires. Make sure the tires look okay with enough air and no bulges. A tire with a bulge is a sign of an inner problem. Make sure there are no chips in the windscreen and the bodywork is intact. Check if the lights are working, you can have someone switch them on and off for you to see.

Quarterly checks may include oil top-ups and making sure that there is enough fluid in the radiator and battery acid is in order. Do this when the engine has cooled down. Top up the windscreen wiper fluid, making sure that the wipers are well attached and functional. Check the pressure of your tires using a small pressure tire gauge. A small pressure tire gauge is quite affordable and will save you trips to the gas station.

Half-yearly checks may involve checking trend wear, a quick look at the brakes pads, spark plugs, changing wiper blades, pushing down your car from all the corners and making sure it bounces nicely, this lets you know the condition of your suspension.

During your yearly checks, clean the battery terminals – disconnection your battery may result you into having to re-enter your radio codes. It is, however, advisable to take your car for a yearly service at your local mechanics. However, get to know the condition of your car beforehand this will let you know what is going to be needed during the mandatory yearly service at the local mechanics and get a quote before.

Remember sorting out minor problems goes a long way in stopping major breakdowns from developing.  A car that is well maintained increases fuel efficiency and will give you good service and stress-free driving.

Car repair is somehow very costly and thus, anyone would wish to reduce the expenditure by repairing the small problems on their own.These tips will help you to increase resale value of your car .