Dubai’s Hassle Free Car Registration Renewal Service

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How to Renew Vehicle Registration Online

Dubai’s First Hassle Free Car Registration Renewal Service Provide : You probably do not have time to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and wait in long lines. What if there was an easier way where you can Renew Vehicle Registration and license plate without leaving home. This can save your time, fuel and money. The small fee you have to pay to enjoy this comfort is much greater than standing in the long queue & drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles and aggravation. RTA car Registration service is easy to avail in Dubai. You can visit RTA customer center and can register your personal details. Then you will get Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your mobile number. This PIN can be used in RTA licensing. So it is very easy process.

Third Party Registration Renewal

While the rigors and stress of this process may be burdensome for men and women alike, there seems to be an easy way out. Some companies can handle all the processes for you to ease and relieve you of all the stress and problems whatsoever. Companies like RenewMyCarRegistration  specialize in these kinds of services. All you’ll need is just to book an appointment. A pickup and drop-off of your vehicle is all that is required plus all other things are managed and done by them.

So the next time you plan to renew vehicle registration in the UAE, keep all these in mind and you’ll be certain of a hassle-free renewal process.

When to renew the registration?

The renewal period depends on the type of vehicle and how you use it. The renewal of the vehicle registration , other than a motorcycle, owned by a person, equipped for the transportation of not more than 9 occupants at any one time, where such transportation does not require a license from the Commission and used mainly for personal purposes or used for your personal needs is done every year at the same time. This is the first letter of your last name that determines the renewal month.

Instructions For RTA Car Registration Renewal

  1. Wait for your motor vehicle renewal notice to arrive by mail. It can usually arrive up to six weeks before the actual renewal date. Usually, you will have until the end of the month to pay the fees and submit your renewal.
  2. Take your car for an inspection or emission test. If you do not have this in your state, or you are not required this year, then you can skip this step. If you are unsure, consult your renewal notice. If you have a map and the information on it, then you are likely to be required to receive the test.
  3. Go to the web page appears in the clipping that is included with the registration renewal notice, typing in the address bar of the web browser. If you are not sure of the website address, you can find a link to the participating states. If your status does not appear on the list, you are probably not participating in renewing the Internet registration at this time.
  4. Click on “Renew license plate (registration)” or similar option in the menu when you are on the registration website of your state. This will bring you to the proper screen renewal of the license plate.
  5. Complete the information as required on the screen. You may also have to fill in a “renewal code number or enrollment number” found on the state renewal ticket, which is usually toward the top. When entering this code you should display the information screen for your vehicle. If not, repeat this step until the information is accurate and accepted by the team.
  6. Enter your credit card information for payment, as not all states accept debit cards or checks as a form of payment. You will need the expiration date and most likely the 3-digit code that is on the back of your signature.
  7. Print the confirmation screen when you are finished. This is proof of payment in the event that the Department of Motor Vehicles has any questions or cannot find your payment for vehicle registration renewal.
  8. Wait for registration labels or number plates to arrive in the mail. This process can be anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on whether your plates are customized or if there is a processing delay.