Car Models in UAE with lowest Maintenance Cost

We all know that owning and maintaining a car can be expensive, but for the majority of Dubai’s residents, it is the preferred way of getting around the city. That is why low-maintenance cars in the UAE are always an exciting topic. But what exactly makes a low-maintenance car? Are they extended service intervals, good quality, cheap parts, and labour? All of the above, plus low fuel consumption, inexpensive tyres, an affordable purchase price, and insurance. Among such cars are Korean, Chinese, and Japanese brands, which have a reputation for building cheap but dependable economy models. 

Car buyers in the UAE, as well as around the world, often give more importance to the initial sticker price of a vehicle when purchasing it. They fail to consider the ongoing costs of keeping a car, which include expenses like maintenance, repairs, fuel, and insurance. These hidden costs can have a significant impact on your budget over time, making it essential to factor them in before deciding on a car purchase.

Unfortunately, there isn’t readily available, definitive data on the average yearly cost of car ownership in the UAE. However, sources suggest that annual ownership costs in the US can reach around $10,728 (USD) in 2022.

Focusing solely on the initial price can lead to overlooking potentially high maintenance costs. By choosing a car known for reliability and affordability in terms of maintenance, you can make a smarter investment for your long-term driving needs in the UAE.

Factors deciding the maintenance of a car

Several factors add to a car’s maintenance expenses, including the availability and price of replacement parts, the brand’s dependability, and the charges and durability. Additionally, regular maintenance and efficiency of fuel all influence the total maintenance cost. These criteria determine the internal expenses of a car.


low–maintenance & Affordable Cars  in the UAE

 let’s find out the best low-maintenance cars in the UAE and why they might be ideal for you. 


1.       Nissan Sunny 

With a base price of AED 61,500, the 2024 Sunny is one of the cheapest four-door cars you can get, with decent equipment and solid power under the hood. It is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with 118 hp mated to an automatic transmission powering the front wheels. With a decent trunk, comfy interior, and great quality, the Sunny is a very dependable car that will require little maintenance. The price for an oil change at the official Nissan dealer is AED 799. 


2.       Kia Picanto

The restyled 2024 Kia Picanto is an excellent choice if you are looking for a strictly urban runabout. With a 1.2-litre engine and automatic transmission, the Picanto is a very frugal car in terms of consumption, and with its compact dimensions, it is very easy to park. The great thing about Picanto is the 5-year, 150,000-kilometer warranty from Kia and the affordable AED 43,000. The trunk space might be limited, but Picanto is more than adequate and cheap to maintain for everyday transport and local runs. 


3.       Suzuki Swift

Although powered by a small 1.2-liter engine with 91 hp, the Suzuki Swift is a very dynamic and stylish-looking compact car. Its base price of just AED 52,000 makes it affordable, and it comes with decent interior options, safety systems, and a solid amount of space. The warranty intervals might be shorter than the Kia’s, but the prices for standard oil changes are also lower, at around AED 340 for the usual service. The Swift is also covered with a 3-year/100,000-kilometer warranty from the factory.


4.       Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage might be an older model with a slightly outdated design, but it is very affordable at AED 40,000 and very economical to operate. This is mainly thanks to its 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine with 78 hp and CVT automatic transmission. The price of a standard oil change is around AED 500, and Mitsubishi offers a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty for the new Mirage. 


5.       Toyota Yaris 

Yaris is one of the most popular low-maintenance cars in UAE, and for good reason. For years, it has been regarded as one of the most dependable models, with low running costs and fuel consumption. Although it is a bit pricier than the competitors at AED 63,900, it is well worth the asking price since it comes with a spacious boot and a 1.5-liter engine matted to a CVT automatic transmission. The Yaris also benefits from Toyota’s 3-year/100.000 km warranty. Also, Toyota has two service plans, which should cover all potential issues, with the first priced at AED 1,499 and the second (more comprehensive) at AED 3,499. 


6.       Hyundai Elantra

If you need more space and power but still want to keep the expense low, the Hyundai Elantra is a great choice. With a base price of AED 65,000, the Elantra has a 1.6-liter engine and automatic transmission, and it can comfortably seat five passengers with a spacious trunk. With 127 hp on tap, the Elantra will happily cruise Dubai’s highways with acceptable fuel economy. Hyundai’s factory warranty is 5 years/100,000 km, and the company also offers maintenance and service plans designed to provide owners with top-quality products and keep their cars running trouble-free. The Hyundai Elantra is characterized by a modern appearance, combined with the functionality of the car, to provide you with a pleasurable and comfortable driving experience. It increases efficiency and offers value, which is why many families love it Hyundai Elantra has features such as central locking and an acoustic hood. Maintenance costs for the Hyundai Elantra are low and  economical when compared to other vehicles in its class


7.      MG 3

Chinese brands are increasingly present in the UAE car market, and MG 3 is one of the cars on our list. It is a small hatchback with a 1.5-liter engine delivering 109 hp, which is decent and good enough for everyday duties. The main advantages of this Chinese contender are the base price of just AED 40,000 and the incredible 6-year/200,000 km warranty, which is the longest of any car brand sold in Dubai. MG is confident in the dependability of its cars, but maintenance prices are known to be higher, and MG still needs to prove itself on UAE roads.


8.     Honda Civic

The Civic is a sports car brand model produced by Honda that has been on the market for years and years now. It is manufactured for average drivers, who want reliable, efficient, and fairly-priced vehicles. The Civic is nowadays the most preferred option, not only by well-traveled customers but also globally. A Honda Civic major service costs 299 AED. It is the most efficient and reliable Honda car, and readily available spare parts make it easy to maintain the car 

The Honda Civic (up to) AED 126,500) settles for nothing less.


9. Nissan Sentra

Nissan, manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan, has been through several remodelling processes. It is generally known as a popular option for shoppers who want a dependable and inexpensive vehicle. The Sentra normally provides a comfortable ride and high fuel efficiency.

Nissan Sentra’s starting price is AED 75,000 and above.


10. Ford EcoSport

Since hitting the UAE market in 2003, the Ford EcoSport has carved a niche for itself as a popular compact SUV. This Ford offering combines style, practicality, and maneuverability, making it a compelling choice for city commutes and adventures beyond the urban landscape. 

Prices typically range from AED 74,900 to AED 89,000, depending on features and options.


11. Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark car includes fuel economy and affordability. A Chevrolet Spark is compact yet has a noticeable style. If you start from the outside, you’ll be surprised at the big space inside. In the present days, many features, particularly screens, infotainment systems, and phone connectedness, belong to the technologies that are used.

 Chevrolet Spark, which offers fuel efficiency, affordability, and convenience, optimizes all these factors at the same time making it popular and productive at the same time. It is designed to be a practical car that allows for quick mobility in congested city streets.

The starting point of the Chevrolet Spark is not below AED 35,900.


12. Kia Rio

Kia has been manufactured by a Korean corporation since 2000 and it’s available in diverse body styles. Such vehicles are the only ones that comprise the category leaving out the SUVs, minivans, and wagons. Rio has a reputation because of its competitively low fuel economy and price.

The Kia’s pricing ranges from AED 54,500 to AED 63,500


13. Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Motors was produced by a Japanese automaker. It offers the pleasure and convenience of driving, which makes it perfect for common use. People value it for its fuel efficiency, utility, and affordability. The Attrage is appreciated for its fuel-efficient engines, which make it a popular choice for individuals who are trying to save money on their fuel.

The Mitsubishi Attrage’s price is roughly AED 41,000.


14. Suzuki Swift 

The Suzuki Swift is well-known for its fuel efficiency, and sporty styling. The Swift was produced in the early 1980s, and the design has been revised several times. People considered it for urban driving due to its modest size. It is reliable and affordable, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious shoppers.

The Suzuki Swift’s pricing ranges from AED 33,500 to AED 54,900.


Important Advice:

Even though some shops in Dubai advertise oil changes “from 194 AED,” you should always go to a reputable or official specialist or dealer. The reason is simple. Although you will pay a bit more for regular services like the oil change, you will get better and original OEM parts, components, and skilled labour, which will help your car be in top mechanical condition, prevent any failures, and remain dependable for longer, reducing the need for repairs and keeping the maintenance costs lower. 

Another essential piece of advice is to drive moderately and follow the speed limits. Aggressive driving, hard braking, and pushing the car to its limits will increase the wear of the mechanical components, which will increase the need for maintenance. Remember that such a driving style will increase the fuel bill. If you are looking to spend less money repairing your car, consider driving it slowly and calmly. 

Before you decide on a car, check specific service intervals for a particular vehicle. Some cars have longer and shorter oil change intervals, but most models need to change their oil at around 10,000 kilometres



In the market for a UAE car that won’t break the bank on maintenance? Check out these reliable rides: Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra, Ford EcoSport, Chevrolet Spark, Kia Rio, Mitsubishi Attrage, and Suzuki Swift. They’re known for being dependable, easy on the wallet, and good on gas, saving you money on maintenance over time.