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How People Will Buy My Car – guides, tips, and checklist

What should be considered when someone buying my car. Here you will find a guide that will help you from the exam to the purchase of used cars.

1. Why do you sell the vehicle?

If the seller does not give you a plausible answer or talks around nervously, you should become suspicious. If the seller does not give an honest answer, he or she probably will not tell you all the defects in the car.

2. How many miles are on the meter?

A vehicle rating is primarily based on the kilometers traveled by the car model. With this value you have a first good indication of the comparisons of used car prices or the prices of other car ads in the car market. A higher mileage means that the car has been driven a lot and therefore it is less valuable.

3. What is the condition of the vehicle?

The formulation of the question is deliberately neutral. Notice the seller’s reaction. You know which vehicle defects you can live with and which would affect your offer. Ask specifically, if the buyer does not describe the condition of essential auto parts such as engine, brakes, car tires etc.

4. What are the special features of the vehicle?

The vehicle equipment also influences the used car value. Does the car have the leather armchair, air conditioning, and sunroof? Often, salespeople tend to overlook a few peculiarities in the car ad during ad task. Therefore, ask specifically for the optional extras of the car. If the car display does not fully describe the performance of the car, you may be able to buy the car cheap.

5. Are you the first owner?

Generally, you should prefer first-owner vehicles or new cars when buying used cars. If the used car had previous owner, the owner and seller may not be able to answer all the questions or knows about previous accidents or repairs. Ask for the phone number of the previous owner if the dealer cannot document all the details. You may be able to read a lot about the dealer’s reaction to this question.

6. What accidents did the used car have?

Accident vehicles are much more susceptible to subsequent defects and therefore less valuable. If you discover later that accidents should be concealed by repairs, you should not buy the car – because there are certainly more deficiencies inside. Only buy a used car from trusted sellers.

7. Do you have a documentation of the service intervals?

A vehicle owner who is meticulous enough to keep service records in a maintenance book was probably also careful enough to provide regular vehicle care. So this documentation says a lot about the seller and the condition of the car.

8. What price do you have?

Here again, the formulation of the question is important. This assumes that the seller’s price is negotiable. If the seller does not clearly identify the price as non-negotiable or as a fixed price in the car display, you should be able to enforce a lower purchase price in the later price negotiation.

9. Tell about yourself

Briefly tell the seller something about yourself, how to find the car ad, and why you are interested in the used car. Explain what type of rides you want to use the used car for. If buyers and sellers share similarities such as place of residence or interest in a particular car type, this may help build sympathy and trust. The more personal the relationship with the seller, the more difficult it will be depending on the character of the private car salesman to pull you in the case of defect detection and price negotiation over the table.

10. When can we meet for a test drive?

If the previous answers were satisfactory, you should arrange a sightseeing visit on-site with a test drive. If you are still uncertain about your interest, please do not make an appointment that you cannot meet. This only worsens mutual trust. The appointment should take place at times with daylight, so you have the opportunity to check the vehicle interior without interference. If an appointment is not possible during the day, be sure to use a powerful flashlight to match all information from the car ad and verbal description. During the test drive, both the condition of the car and the driving experience should be evaluated.


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