Best selling cars in Dubai in 2015

Best selling Car In Dubai


The year 2015 has marked a new trend on the distribution of sold vehicles in Dubai. New models have been introduced with the initial ones being modified. Here is an explanation for the condition of the best-sold car in Dubai at the moment. 7% of the 2015 car market in Dubai is still dominated by the car models that were sold in the year 2014.

At the moment, the general distribution of cars in Dubai that are on sale is as follows.

 Toyota dominates 33.1%

 Mitsubishi takes 8.9%

 Nissan occupies 16% of the market

 BMW takes 4%

 Hyundai occupies 5.7%

This year, the Toyota Helix is the most preferred model that takes almost 5.2% of the UAE models that are being sold. This model has been advanced with newer features that make it a choice for most people who intend to purchase cars.

The model that comes immediately after Toyota Helix in the UAE most sold models is Toyota Prado with 4.9%. Similarly, newer features have been implemented on the Toyota Prado styles, making it a choice for many people.

The sell for Toyota Yaris in 2015 has been improved to 3.6% while the Mitsubishi Lancer EX has improved to 3%. Range Rovers dominate 1.1% of the general car market. In general, there has been an improvement in most of the car models that you ought to consider. Nissan also occupies a reasonably big share in the UAE market with its models like Altima, Juke and Sunny. Nissan Patrol is also another very popular model here because its is used for desert safari in Dubai.

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