All about Emirates Vehicle Gate In UAE


The government of the UAE is always active in giving the most advanced facilities to vehicle owners and drivers. Besides, they’re equally great at maintaining road safety. Hence, considering the people’s betterment, the UAE government launched the Emirates Vehicle Gate to offer all the services required by a vehicle owner or driver. 

But before we get into what services you get from EVG, let’s understand this online portal.

What is Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)?

The Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) is an official online portal launched by the UAE government on 28, 2013. It offers more than 50 vehicle-related services, such as insurance, registration, and license. Whether you buy a used car or a new car, the EVG postal can help you with all the necessary services.

With this portal, you can also enquire about your payments, pay your penalties, check license issuance and status of fines, and much more. But the primary services include:

  • Payments for all vehicle services related to other sectors
  • Vehicle registrations, ownerships, and renewals
  • Insurance policies and renewals
  • Claiming accident processing

What services do you get from EVG?

In the UAE, Emirates Vehicle Gate works as an all-in-one solution for all your car-related needs. Here, you can make use of 50+ government and private services through its online portal. Let’s take a look at what services you get from EVG:

  • Traffic Fines: You can check for new traffic fines and previously paid ones online.
  • Driving License Services: Easily see, inquire about, and manage your driving license details and anything related to payments.
  • Insurance Management: EVG allows you to see new insurance policies, renew existing ones, and also manage payments electronically.
  • Vehicle Certificates: You can request and download all the important vehicle certificates, such as registration cards.
  • Vehicle Ownership & History: EVG gives you access to all the information about your car’s ownership history and any outstanding fees.

Now, let’s take a detailed view of EVG’s primary services. We have categorized the top services into 3 different parts so that you can have a better understanding.  


Insurance-Related services

In UAE, you can’t drive a car without having third-party vehicle insurance. If, by any chance, you don’t have insurance, you’ll be charged ADE 500 as a penalty, and the vehicle will be seized for 7 days. Moreover, your driving license will be marked with 4 black points.

Hence, if you’re buying a used car in the UAE, make sure to have third-party insurance on the vehicle to avoid penalties. 

In the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal, you can easily find insurance for your new vehicle and buy it online. Here’s the process;

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Select the vehicle and click on the “Buy Insurance” button
  • Confirm your details details 
  • Submit a request to insurance companies for approval



If you’re purchasing a used vehicle, it’s mandatory to check the car’s history. Follow this process to see if your chosen car is genuine.

  • Create an account on the EVG portal
  • Visit the login page to access your dashboard.
  • Click over “Accident Inquiry
  • Submit the chassis number of your vehicle
  • Get the accident history of the vehicle



Note: In UAE, you can buy any new or used car, but make sure the car has a clean history with no accident inquiries to get the best deal. 


Services for Drivers

For drivers, we’ve added two main and most popular services:


  • Driving license information

EVG allows you to check your driving license details on the portal. All you have to do is visit the online portal and open your dashboard. Once you’re in your dashboard, click on the “Driving license info option. 

Now, you can check all the details of your driving license. Moreover, you can download the file or print a copy of the document. The portal also allows you to see if you have any black points on the license, which is a kind of bad credit for driving. 

However, if you think your driving needs improvement, it’s always a good idea to take classes from driving schools.



  • Address Modification

You can also renew your driver’s license at Emirates Vehicle Gate. However, if you have any penalties on your car, you must clear them to get the allowance to update your address or renew the license.

If you have no penalties, you can fill in the details as requested on the address modification page screen. Once you complete and submit the form, it will navigate you to the confirmation page. 

Now, carefully check all the details to ensure there are no errors. If you’ve made any typing mistakes, you can go back and fix them. After confirming that all the details are correct, you can proceed to pay. Once the payment is successfully made, you will get a renewed certificate. 


Vehicle-Related services

Now let’s see what vehicle-related services you can get from the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal;

In the EVG, you can pay your vehicle fines in just a few minutes. The best part is that it takes action very quickly. Here’s the process: First, find your outstanding fines. You can use a “Quick Search” option, which will require this information; 

  • Traffic code number
  • Plate number
  • License number

Find outstanding fines > Select the fines > Pay via credit or debit card




  • New Registration Card 

Renewing your registration card is very important. In the UAE, you cannot pay fines or penalties until your vehicle’s registration card is renewed. With EVG, you can renew a registration card. Just follow this process;

  1. Login to your account and select your vehicle,
  2. Click the “Issue New Registration Card” button
  3. Finally, complete the 3-step renewal process 


  • Completed registration with EVG
  • Login details
  • Valid Insurance
  • Passed Vehicle Inspection
  • Fees: AED 380



  • Registered Vehicle 

EVG allows car users to check their car’s details online anywhere, anytime. Here, you can check all the information about the vehicles running under your driving license. All you need to do is; 

Open EVG dashboard > Select vehicle’s no. plate > See or print the information.


  • Payment Receipt Inquiry 

Sometimes, after paying fines, you might wonder, “Was the payment successfully accepted or not?” Hence, EVG has the solution to inquire about payment receipts, which you can also print and download. 

  • Open the “Payment Receipt Inquiry” page
  • Enter the receipt number 
  • View/print receipt


  • Reserved Plate Numbers 

The Emirates Vehicle Portal also allows you to check the information on your reserved number plate. Just follow this navigation; 

Open dashboard > Click “Reserved Plates” > View your reserved plates


  • Vehicle Certificate Inquiry

Last but not least, you can also check your vehicle’s certificates in EVG. It allows you to get certificates and download or print them at home. Just follow this process;

  • Just open the “Vehicle Certificate Inquiry” option
  • Submit your vehicle certificate number
  • Check or print the vehicle certificate 


We hope this article helped you understand the Emirates Vehicle Gate and its services. It’s undoubtedly a very useful platform for vehicle owners and drivers in the UAE. The best part of this portal is that you can easily access it from anywhere with rapid, fast services. 


Q. How can I check expiry dates and number plates in EVG?

Login to the EVG dashboard and choose “Reserved Plate” to see active plates and expiry dates. For a vehicle certificate, simply enter the certificate number and download it directly! Easy and convenient. 

Q. What is the Vehicle Code in UAE?

Each UAE vehicle has a unique 20-digit traffic code number, acting like a car’s fingerprint. Found on the registration plate, it tracks the vehicle’s history and links to important information like ownership and registration details. This system helps authorities identify stolen vehicles and parts. 

Q. How can I register on the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal?

Registering for Emirates Vehicle Gate is easy! But make sure you have the necessary documents, such as the traffic code number, National number, Phone number, and Email address.

Verify your info, then follow the on-screen steps to complete the registration process.

Q. How can I contact Emirates Vehicle Gate?

There are various options for contacting Emirates Vehicle Gate. 

Here are their contact information:

Contact Number: 600588888


Address: 1st Street, Al Rawdah, W56, Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Interior