7 Tips You Need to Know For Buying & Maintaining New Tires

Top 7 great tips for Buying & Maintaining New Tires

There are plenty of reasons to give your tires a little of attention now before you find yourself on the side of the road at midnight. Tires are the most important part of the car and even children know that. The tires are the part of the car which has contact with the ground; therefore, the performance of the tire determines the safety of all passengers. Its grip is important and also not too much friction should be caused, otherwise, the car wouldn’t move.

Knowing how important tires are, it’s surprising how most people don’t have proper knowledge about them. When you go to a shop, the salesman will obviously brag about the quality of mostly a certain tire. After all, their job is to sell the least selling tire, so they can’t be trusted blindly. If you’ve experienced a company that suits your vehicle, the answer is simple: to buy that one. Before purchasing, knowing some tips would ease your work and your thinking.

  • Make sure that you actually need new tires


Knowing when to replace is important as it can save money. For instance, if you replace your tires too early when your old tires work, you would waste your money. When they look extremely worn out, cracked, protruding unusually, or change in color, that’s a sign which shows you it’s time to replace them. Consider changing them every 10 years. Even if they look fine, don’t let them deceive you.

  •  Make sure that your car is in good shape.


Inspect your tires for signs of uneven wear, which might indicate alignment or suspension issues. Check for signs like more wear on the inside or outside of the tire vs. an even wear pattern across the entire width of the tread.

If you put a new set of tires on a misaligned car, or one with severe shocks, you’re throwing money away. The new tires will wear quickly and unevenly, and you’ll need another set in a hurry.

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  • Cost

Salesmen are salesmen. They tend to make you buy an expensive “tour” tire when all you really need is an all-season tire. Paying too less or too much for the tires is something you want to avoid as buying a tire that is too cheap can turn out to be a tire of cheap quality, whereas paying too much can give you great tries but you could’ve gotten the same quality in a less price. That’s why to take help from a trusted tyre salesman.

  • Consider buying over the Internet or by catalogue.


You can really save some money on the initial purchase of your new tires by shopping over the Internet. Some retailers, like Tire Rack, even have relationships with local independent tire centers that will accept shipment of your new tires and perform the installation at a pre-negotiated rate.

  • Check your owner’s manual for the size and type of tires.


The manufacturer of your car has made a recommendation about the size and type of tires which work best with your vehicle. That information is found in the owner’s manual and on the information placard.

  • Dealership

When it comes to purchasing them, do not limit yourself to only local tire stores or local dealerships as they do not have a wide range and variety and you might not find the tire that fits your vehicle best there. So it’s better to go to larger stores and shop for your wheels there, where there is a large variety of tires and you can easily find the one which fits your vehicle best. It is best to shop around at all places and search for the tire. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for better quality as it risks your whole family and your own safety.

  • Maintenance

Everything can have flaws, especially over time, as they can get worn out after being used again and again. Just like humans are advised to get a checkup done every month, car tires should be checked regularly as well. Check if they have cracks, breaks, or any other damages, although it can also affect the places you go on a ride. If you live in the mountain regions and often drive through the mountains, the uneven terrain can most likely puncture a tire. That’s why a spare tire is advisable.

Just know that you absolutely cannot risk the quality of your tires. So choose the right tires and keep your family and yourself safe!