7 Strategies to sell any car in Dubai

7 Strategies to sell any car in Dubai 2017-18

7 strategies to sell any car quickly

Have you decided to sell your car? You are thinking about “How to sell your car in Dubai?” Do you want to sell it quickly and get the best price possible? Follow these seven golden rules to sell your car as quickly as possible.

1. The Right Time

The second-hand sale must not be made too early to depreciate the strongest years of depreciation (for example, in the first year, cars depreciate by 30%), or too late, in order not to leave the budget of the interview becomes heavier.

  • Also avoid fateful kilometers, for example, over 100,000 kilometers.

2. The good price


The “list price” is the theoretical value by make and model, according to the age of the vehicle and average mileage. To estimate the car price easily, free car evaluation may help you.

  • It may be necessary to adjust downwards if your car requires repairs or if the mileage is high.
  • On the contrary, you will be able to ask more if it is equipped with rare or very popular options, or if it has little rolled.

3. A clear announcement

Be specific and comprehensive. A full announcement helps avoid off-topic phone calls and eliminate unnecessary questions.

4. A good presentation

To limit attempts to lower prices, do not hesitate to have your car checked by a trusted mechanic before putting it on sale.

  • Ask the mechanic for a written report, which you will present to the potential buyer.
  • If necessary, change the tires. You can Cash Your Car in  UAE easily if it is well conditioned.
  • Clean and perfume the passenger compartment and trunk, gloss paint.

5. Papers in good standing

The papers must be ready: contract of purchase, warranty and maintenance manuals, repair invoices, cards confirming the reminders made, etc.

6. Maximum vigilance

Although the law does not require a contract to be sold between individuals, it is advisable to do so to avoid any misunderstanding. The elements that should be included are:

  • Identification and address of seller and buyer.
  • The vehicle description (serial number, make, year, model, etc.).
  • Warranty, if applicable.
  • The fact that the purchaser has examined tested or caused the vehicle to be inspected.
  • Known problems or imminent repairs.
  • Absolute property certification.
  • Whether the vehicle is an accident or not; etc.

Also enter the terms of the possession: the amount of the non-refundable deposit and the date of possession.

7. Go to Official Buyers.


To sell your used vehicle, target good dealers. It’s almost always more advantageous than going through old ways like putting your ads on new papers and classified websites and bring annoying customers to your place, Contact dealers which will only give you the wholesale price of your car.

In short, when you are finally ready to separate from your car, do not hesitate to follow these tricks. You will sell your car much faster and you will get the best price possible.


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