6 Things That You Don’t Know About Lamborghini


Cars had a great impact on this world and helped revolutionize, Lamborghini, the world’s fastest car we ought to know everything about it, yes? However, there are a few things that were still hidden from us, want to know them? Keep reading.

• Its a rather simple yet unusual start


Apart from it’s major success, its starting was actually quite unusual and it’s price tag is unbelievable if you know it’s rather quite simple start. It started as a tractor for supplying. These tractors weren’t fast like the modern version of the Lamborghini but later achieved a huge price. The latest version of the Lamborghini (The veneno) has a price tag of $3.9 million and is now among the 3 most expensive, the only models and the fastest cars on earth. Unfortunately all of them are sold now.

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• The owner of the luxurious Lamborghini himself owned his car’s rival (The Ferrari)

Ferrucio Lamborghini himself was an owner of the Ferrari and loved sports cars. One day when the symbol of his Ferrari broke, he went to get it repaired but was turned down. That was the day, he got inspired and got his own sports car the one and only Lamborghini. It’s quite shocking though as the cars which are considered to be rivals, the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, he owner of the Lamborghini himself was inspired by the Ferrari. The Lamborghini is actually pre sold before actually being bought. This means that as soon as a new Lamborghini is launched hurry up and name it yours.

After that, Ferruccio decided he could do better and started building his own cars.

• The origin of the magnificent name Lamborghini


The name of the Lamborghini was inspired by the world of bull fighting. Many Lamborghini’s were given these names. Also since the bull represents the zodiac sun sign taurus it’s given it’s symbol. The Lamborghini isn’t only a car manufacturer but has also written a name for itself in the SUV market. Its released a couple others and gave them nicknames.

• The first Lamborghini didn’t even have an engine.

The 350 GTV may have been the world’s first Lambo, and ultimately, it led to the creation of the supercar genre, but when it was first unveiled at the Turin Auto Show it wasn’t even finished, so they put a bunch of bricks where the engine should have been and kept the hood shut the entire time.

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• The Lamborghini pride


The Lamborghini manufacturers 8 cars per day and 2000-3000 per year. To keep it’s pride, the number of vehicles it sells are in limit each year and this shows us that they really take the saying “ quality is better than quantity” in count. It takes roughly 140 people to build one of these cars. Considering the type of car that is expected.

• Not only cars but others too


All types of the Lamborghini aren’t only cars, a 4 wheel drive SUV was manufactured in Italy also known as the LM002. Its style was incredible and a total of 328 machines were built. It wasn’t a success at first when it was built in 2013, but later on in 2014 sales were expected. It also made tractors and other vehicles before the award winning car (Lamborghini ). This car has made a lot of success and truly is a work of art.

• Frank Sinatra Preferred Lamborghinis over Ferraris

If you assumed Frank Sinatra was a Ferrari man, you’d be wrong. Old Blue Eyes once said, “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.”

•  It Takes More than 100 People to Handcraft each Vehicle

Due to the uniqueness of the brand, each vehicle purchased is hand-built by Lamborghini. While the exact number of people needed to build each vehicle is dependent on the model, it takes on average more than 100 workers to hand-craft each aspect of the vehicle. From the windshield to the doors to the frame, every single nook and cranny of the vehicle is build by someone’s hands

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The most amount of Lamborghini built in a year were around 2380 which were made in the year 2008.

This car is truly inspirational and amazing, all the while making no exception of it’s roof and doors. Aggressive speed, curvy design it’s a whole new car. Knowing that the owner himself was an owner of the equally efficient Ferrari and that is why they are considered ultimate rivals. Both of them being the world’s fastest cars. Lamborghini models came with success and a slow paced success but all of them ended well. It managed to earn itself a immense price tag of roughly $ 3.8 million (The Lamborghini veneno). Truly worthy of it’s name plate. A piece of art indeed.