Manual Vs Automatic Transmissions Comparison

The debate on manual vs automatic transmission will never end. Though manual transmission has many advantages, giving it the ultimate edge over its counterpart would be wrong. While comparing manual vs automatic transmission, there is no consensus on what kind of transmission is better—automatic or manual. Whether you select a manual transmission car or an automatic transmission depends on your personal experience, preferences, and specific needs. While the choice doesn’t significantly impact a vehicle’s performance, it does affect the overall driving experience. Many people find automatic cars much easier to learn and drive. Therefore, one of the crucial questions you should ask yourself when buying a car is whether you should go for a manual or automatic car.

Well, when I started, I was advised by my parents that I should learn to drive a manual transmission car, and they wouldn’t allow me to drive an automatic until I had become an expert driver. People like both types of transmissions and claim that the advantages one has over the other are unique. Some of their fans’ claims are inaccurate and based on myths.

Let’s go and see how far manual vs. automatic comparison would lead us to solve this sticky situation.


Manual transmissions always have better fuel economy.

As we all have grown up with the sentiment that manual gearboxes give better fuel economy than automatic ones, automobile manufacturers have managed to solve this issue when the need to combat the hike in fuel prices was on the rise. They successfully launched better fuel-efficient cars as new cars were outfitted with additional gears and mechanisms.

This shift has become more appreciated because of the better mileage performance. We can observe this performance difference in the 2014 Ford Focus, which is well equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, giving better results of (31 mpg combined (27 city/37 highway) than its manual version, which offers a 30mpg combined. It’s another Super Fuel Economy edition that proves efficient by providing 33 mpg combined fuel economy.

Another excellent example is the 2014 Nissan Versa, which is better than 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions because of its continuously variable transmission quality of 35mpg.


Stick Shift is Less Expensive

This is also partially accurate. Though manual versions are cheaper in some cases, the trend is declining. Nowadays, the practice is to price both versions the same.

Moreover, not every car comes with a manual version.


The repair cost for stick shift is less than the Automatic

Although replacing a manual transmission costs less than replacing an automatic, you rarely have to change modern automatic transmissions. In the case of a manual transmission, you may have to change it once or twice, which costs more in the long run.


Automatic cars are more expensive.

In the past, we also had the impression that automatic vehicles cost a lot. By the time we reached in the year 2013, 67% of the car manufacturers had shifted to producing automatics. Even BMW’s most manual models were sold at the same price as the manuals. There is another great example of G.M.’s 2013 Buick Regal GS in this context.


Automatics are Easier to Maneuver

The name automatic comes to mind, along with luxury thought that its driving would be more accessible if there is a straight road and less maneuvering is required, That is not the case; if the driver is in manual gear and shifts timely, better control over the car can be achieved, The driver with a much better command can even fit into a tight parking spot and change direction through potholes with compared to the person who is driving an automatic.


You Can’t Get The Same burnout with automatic

Manual cars have been much preferred among racers for a long time and have the edge over automatic cars because, if the gears are timed correctly, a manual car can have an actual burnout stage to attain a swifter head start. However, this concept is also fading away with the revolution in the automobile manufacturing car industry. We can see that the change in the 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo come with automatic transmission. These significant performance car manufacturers have proved that this myth is also untrue.


The popularity of Automatic Cars is on the Rise. All Cars are Available in Automatic Versions.

Even though, without a doubt, the popularity of automatic cars has been on the rise over the years, we still have many famous cars that come with only standard manual transmission. They are the 2014 Ford Focus S.T., the 2014 Ford Shelby GT500, the Volkswagen Golf R, and the Audi TT RS. They are operational with stick shifts mechanism only. If you have decided to buy a car and want to get rid of your old car, cashyourcaruae can help you.


Power and Climbing

The accurate shifting of manual gears overpowers the capability of the automatic. This vital power makes manual cars easier to climb steep and mountainous roads.


People Prefer to Learn to Drive a Manual Car

Naturally, automatic cars are easy to drive since there is no stick shift, and all you need to do to steer a car is concentrate a command over the brake and accelerator. In contrast, teenagers prefer a manual method called the hassle method. As most of the vehicles available today with automatic transmissions are hassle-free, this is being avoided by teenagers.