3 Tips to Consider when Finding the Value of Your Car

value of your car

Not knowing the worth of your car can be a costly affair. You risk losing your cash if you don’t know its exact value. At CashYourCarUAE.COM you can evaluate your car’s worth online and if you are happy with the price then you can sell your car to us in 30 minutes.

There are various ideas you should consider when calculating the value of your car. Here are tips you should consider when determining the price of a car.

Use the Internet

This is a more efficient way that you can use to easily formulate the cost of your car. There are many websites that you can use to evaluate your car’s worth.

 Zip code, because prices vary according to regions

 Year of manufacture and model of your car

 Engine size

 Car Mileage

 Extra accessories

 Condition of your car which is described as Good, fair or poor

These sites will instantly give you the worth of your car in the current market. At CashYourCarUAE.COM you can not only evaluate your site but can also sell it to us and whole process will take only 30 minutes.

Custom Value Approach

This method is majorly used on imported cars and vehicles. When this method is applied, the general custom duty involved in purchasing the car is identified, wear/tear value is deducted and the resultant amount (custom value) is used as the car value. The custom value is identified through the following method.

 You first find the price of the car in the international market.

 Convert the amount you get to the local currency.

 Deduct the wear and tear value

 This gives you the custom value of the car.

Transaction Value Approach

This is another efficient way you can use to easily identify the value of your car. The transaction values involved in the process of purchasing the car are summed up to get the value of the car.

Here is the procedure used.

 Consider the value you used to purchase the car in the foreign market.

 Add on the amounts you used to import the car.

 Add on the value of modifications, fittings, accessories and major restoration.

 Deduct the value of depreciation