10 Cheap Cars to Make You Feel Rich

10 cheap cars


Being rich and giving the impression that you are are two completely different things in terms of cars. Certainly, when you ride in a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, or Bugatti, it is not wrong, but several other cars on the market will give you the impression of being part of the upper class, even if you will have paid less than a subcompact.

1. Ford Mustang


One day I was in a Walmart parking lot when a lady came up to my car and said, “If I win the lottery, I will buy a lot like yours,” but my Mustang is all that is more mechanical than usual and the few aesthetic changes it has received have cost almost nothing. Mustang used vehicles are on the market for all tastes and budgets.


2. BMW 3 Series


On the used car market, there are several BMW 3 Series cars at very good prices. In addition, depending on the version and the year, some Series 3 remain very affordable, even in terms of their interview costs. My only advice is to avoid versions that offer too much electronic equipment.


3. Buick Verano


A true luxury car, the Buick Verano is suitable for most budgets, even when new. However, once on the used car market, it is a real bargain since it is reliable, economical, and not very expensive to maintain. The Buick Verano looks great and it does not fail to turn heads.


4. Porsche Boxster


It may seem impossible that a car as prestigious and famous as the Boxster is part of this top 10, but the simple fact of saying that you ride in a Porsche wants to say everything, even if there is nothing to say. After only a few years of its dealership exit, the Porsche Boxster generally loses enough value to cost as much as a new Mazda MX-5. It’s tempting.


 5. Range Rover Sport Supercharged


This luxury SUV can cost more than $ 100,000 and yet, in fact, after only a few years on the market, it’s worth less than $ 20,000 because of its unreliable reliability and high maintenance costs. Admittedly, it does not bode well for the one who wants to accommodate, but if you want to ride in a premium SUV, it is possible.y minivans


6. Compact Luxury Minivans


The B-Class has greatly diminished because of the release of the second generation but its age is, despite its modern look, quite high (it dates from 2005). As a result, the beauty is an opportunity under 9 000 euros. At Audi and BMW, there was nothing like it in 2005. And today, equivalents are too expensive to mention here.

For less than 15,000 euros, you can afford this impressive minivan from Mercedes, whose major market is the USA. Alas, the finish and space on board may upset some … But in terms of style, no other minivan has this standing (The B-Class and Active Tourer are small players next). Note also that the restyling has greatly improved the look of this.


7. Coupes and Cabriolets


This second-generation Audi TT is now no problem for 15,000 Euros. Its design dates from 2006. If habitability is obsolete, the behaviour and quality of the finish are irreproachable! Indeed, in terms of perceived quality in the interior, it has absolutely nothing to envy an R8.


8. Luxury Sedans


This is the category that will offer you the most luxury choices. Here I take into account the small family (Series 3, A4, etc.) but also the “limousines” of type S. This A4 (2001–2007)  still has a modern look, even if it does not risk lasting a long time (the version before restyle age blames the weight of the years). You can now find it for less than 5,000 euros. If its habitability is not extraordinary, you must know that the competition has not always done better. However, the question of quality finish is still excellent (as long as it is kept in good condition, of course)


 9. Cross-Over, 4X4, SUV

This big baby, over two tons, is now changing for “not much”. It is now 10,000 Euros. Obviously, at this rate, do not expect to have it restyled with LEDs and company.


10. Hummer

The Hummer H2 (the most widespread) is easily available for less than 20,000 Euros (at 15,000, there is a choice). It is much more desirable and impressive than the H3.